iCloud Unlock: How to IMEI Unlock iCloud Activation Lock iPhone

Many users who bought a secondhand iPhone realized way too late that the iPhone they got is actually locked to Apples iCloud service.
Maybe you even tried contacting Apple or the original owner, but your request was rejected. This post will help you get your iPhone’s iCloud unlocked by using only Legal methods. This means that you will be able to make an Official iCloud Unlock Request and Legally Deactivate the Find My iPhone of your device.
Owning an iPhone with the iCloud Activation Lock enabled is a real dangar – no matter if you found or bought it iCloud lock.
 you Do not worry, I am going to explain to you how you can unlock and bypas the iCloud Lock on your iPhone (Regardless its iPhone model) by using only Legal and Official iCloud Unlock Request method
iCloud Unlock with Original Owner's assistance
Here is the problem: When the iCloud Activation is ON, it locks you out of the iOS and it will ask you to enter the username and password of the original owner’s iCloud account (Apple ID and Password). On an iPhone with the iCloud Activation Lock enabled, all you can do is  powar on / 0FF the iPhone.
Thats realy all you can do with an iCloud lock iPhone. Purchasing iPhone with an activated Apple ID link to an icloud account will not even allow you to go to your iPhone’s Home Screen

How to unlock / bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen on iPhone

There are plenty of reason why you should unlock an iPhone locked to iCloud. Some think of it as an iCloud Unlock, but that's not technicaly speaking true. The problem is that an iPhone that is locked with iCloud cannot be activated.
In fact, it can only be activated if you log in with the Apple ID and password that the iPhone is linked to. And once you forget the iCloud password and can’t recover it (Through Apples website), you are in huge trouble. No matter how much you paid for your iPhone, the person who previously log into Apple iCloud can BLOCK you from using it.
Thats why you need to remove the iCloud account from your iPhone if you are buying a used oneeven if you don’t see the Activation Lock Screen. Otherwise, you cannot activate or use the iPhone without fear of getting locked out.
If you see the iCloud Activation Screen and just want to remove iCloud Lock, the best way around is to use the Official and Legal methods that are available, for a successful and permanent iCloud Unlock.
Those iCloud Removal Methods not only allow you to deactivate the Find My iPhone of iPhone, but they can guarante you a safe, secure and, most important, a Legal solution for your iCloud Lock iPhone.
A Quick Summary: Removing iCloud Activation Lock Screen Legally
If you dont want to read the whole this article, here is a quick sumary: I have probably tested all ways to unlock iCloud-locked iPhones. Online and offline. Even mobile (repair) shops don’t know how to get the iCloud Lock removed from an iPhone.
There are plenty of shady iCloud activation unlock services online, so my recomendation is to avoid all of them. They do not work and it is extremely difficult to get your money back!
There are basically 3 ways/methods which are legally approved. The first is the Original Owner of that iPhone (Request his/her permission – Which has very good success rate), the second one is through Apple support (More difficult method, but using the Ready Templates will increase your chances) and the third one, is the combination of the Original Owner and Apple (Which is the best approach).
You can learn more about all those methods from the “How to Legally Unlock iCloud” ebook, which contains real-life examples and all the templates that will increase the chances of unlock the iCloud Locked from your iPhone.

How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

In order for you to be able to unlock the iCloud Locked, you should first familiarise with the different types of the iCloud Activation LockedScreen.
If your iPhone has iCloud Activation Lock, the first thing you need to do is find out if this iPhone is also report as Lost or Stolen.
If the iPhone is reported as Lost or Stolen, there is a good chance that the owner also place a message.

Identify your iCloud Lock Status

In those cases where the iCloud Lock Status is LOST or STOLEN on Apples iCloud server, the original owner would also put a message like the following:
This device was LOST-STOLEN. Please contact me on [and they would put their phone number].
Check the screen of your iPhone and see what it says. Depending on the iCloud Status of the iPhone, there might be a work around or not.
In short, there are two types of iCloud Lock Screens:
iCloud Activation Lock Screen #1:
Linked to Apple ID
iCloud Activation Lock Screen Linked to Apple ID
This is how iCloud locked iPhone looks like when in Activation Lock Screen linked to an Apple ID.

iCloud Activation Lock Screen #2
Lost or Erased Mode
iCloud Unlock – Activation Lock Screen for Lost or Erase iPhone
This is how an iCloud locked iPhone looks like when its reported as lost or stolen or erase.

If you are un sure about the IMEI Status of your iCloud locked iPhone, you should use an IMEI Network and Blacklist Checker before unlock your iCloud.

These are your options to remove iCloud Lock from your iPhone:

Method #1 to Unlock iCloud: Ask Original Owner to Remove iCloud

The first way to get iPhone iCloud Activation Lock remove is by contacting the original owner of thatt iPhone. The problm is that in most cases, the seller of a second-hand iPhones from platforms like eBay, Amazon or Craigslist usually isn’t the original iPhone ownar. So even if you are able to track down the seller, he usually doesn’t have the original owner contact information. It is very difficult to find the contact details of the original owner because Apple is very restrictive with that information.
What you need is a way to contact the original owner and ask him to unlock the iCloud Activation Lock or with the Apple ID, Original Owner’s full name and a copy of the comunication between you and him-her get help from Apple.

Get iCloud Account Information with Apple iCloud ID Finder Service

Getting the information of the original owner is not only increase the chances to get the iCloud unlocked by simply asking the original owner, but you might be able to sel his iPhone back to the original owner.

Sample of Apple iCloud ID Finder results:
contact information to unlock icloud iphone
Sample iCloud Contact Information Report
If you are looking for some proven template to contect the original owner, you should gest this eBook “How to Legally Unlock iCloud”

Unlock iCloud Method #2: Ask Apple to Remove iCloud ( Free )

Getting the contect information of the original owner is the safe, quick and the only legel way to get the iCloud Activation Lock of your iPhone unlocked.
Ofcourse, this applies to all iPhone models and all iCloud Status (CLEAN-LOST-ERASED).
If you are trying to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock for a stolen/lost iPhone, there is a chance that the owner will refuse to remove the iCloud Lock, but you will be able to send a formal iCloud Removal request to Apple. Their support team can also help you in such cases.
In several cases, the original owner either can not be reache or he-she simply does not reply to calls and e-mails. You can inform Apple that you did your best to contact the original owner, but you receive no reply.
Having the Apple ID of the original owner (The iCloud account in which the iPhone is locked to), can help you to remove the iCloud Lock by contacting the original owner or ask Apple to help you.
If you are looking for some proven templates to contact Apple, you should get this eBook “How to Legally Unlock iCloud”

Unlock iCloud Method #3Use an iPhone IMEI iCloud Unlock Service ( $$$ )

How to get the iPhone’s IMEI number:

  • Option 1: Dial *#06# if you can open the Phone App
  • Option 2: If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, your IMEI is printed on the back of the device
  • Option 3: If your iPhone is not activated, there will be a little i button on the screen, tap it and you’ll see the IMEI
  • Option 4: Use some other method from this post: 5 methods to get your iPhone’s IMEI number

Simply make your iCloud Unlock request

We actually tested many iCloud unlock services but only a few of them really worked. The one that we can recommend is iPhone IMEI:
This method proved to be a fake after some tests that we made. Please do not use it, because you will lose your money!

iCloud Unlock Alternatives

Free Hacks to Bypass / Unlock iCloud

FREE iCloud Unlock Services

There are many site that claimed to unlock the iCloud Activation Lock for your iPhone for free, but the truth is: None of them are working.
I have test many of these so-called free iCloud Unlock services or FREE iCloud Unlocker, but NONE of them work.
Of course not. If there was, Apple would have already fix that loop hole, right?

And no, there isn’t any FREE iCloud Unlocker Software or Tool!

Even if you make a Google search for “Unlock iCloud Activation Lock toolss“, you will find softwere or tools that claim to be able to unlock iCloud for free.
Be aware that these tools are full of viruses and malware. They will mess up with your computer, so don’t even go that path.
It doesn’t work and it is a waste of time.

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  1. can the Icloud access code be removed from a apple watch? I have watched the video and followed along with no success. Does it have to be on the charger while completed the steps?